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Orochi Kusanagi - 07/01/09 - 4th Anniversary
Today is the site's 4th Anniversary, and I want to thank everyone that visits and uses my site. Updates haven't been too frequently recently due to real life stuff getting in the way, but I hope to be updating more frequently again, and will start by updating SRWZ stuff.

First up is the Glory Star team, Denzel, Toby, and Setsuko, as well as Michael. Along with Virgola (Units 1-3), Virgola Custom and Virgola Glory. I've also added the following terms to the dictionary: Spheres, Dimension Energy, Beater Service, ZEUTH, The Maiden of Sorrow, and The Lion Full of Wounds.

Orochi Kusanagi - 03/17/09 - K Pages Added
I've added pages for K characters and mecha. Characters include Mist, Angelica and Sheldia, the mechs are Revrias, Serius, and Serius II. They also have art, too.

Orochi Kusanagi - 03/10/09 - New Art and Links
I've updated DiSRX's profile with new art, and I've added a link to DaiTrombe in the links section. DaiTrombe has a ton of pictures, music, etc., so check it out.

Orochi Kusanagi - 01/07/09 - A.C.E. 2 Originals Updated
All of the A.C.E. 2 characters profiles have beed updated/added, they are Tak, Marina, Fidel, and Albert. They also have new art that has been added, as do the two Gun Ark units too.

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Orochi Kusanagi
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