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I'd also like to thank the following people for various things:
Aslan Cross (For name meanings, and for posting info on the Legend of Ryukoou manga.)
Chrissy (For her wonderful 4Koma, Zengar @2 Route translations, and lots of misc info and descriptions.)
Eis (For tons of MX original mecha info, and lots of other profile additions.)
Frost (For his wonderful sprite rips, which I'm hosting here.)
Homeless (For such excellent custom colored linearts.)
King Of Hearts (For lots of info regarding many of the original characters and mechas name meanings.)
MNeidengard (For writing his excellent plot translation FAQs which can be found on GameFAQs.)
nitake92 (For his wonderful Original Generation and D plot translation FAQ.)
PsycheDiver (For JAM Project info.)
YuuDestiny (For tons of info regarding name meanings, and for posting lots of helpful links.)


DaiTrombe - A large media site with songs, lyrics, and images.
dra-mata - Chrissy's website. Tons of translated 4Koma, and other useful files can be found here.
SRW Genesis - SRW Genesis, an excellent forum owned by Daba Myroad.
SRT France - A French SRW fansite.
Akurasu Wiki - A growing SRW related wiki.