Ach - Brother (Hebrew)
Adom - Red (Hebrew)
Agares - One of the 72 pillars of Solomon.
Aguila - Eagle (Spanish)
Akrav - Scorpion (Hebrew)
Alchemie - Derived from the word Alchemy.
Alef - A Hebrew letter.
Alegrias - It's a style of flamenco. (Spanish)
Altairlion - Altair is the brother star to Vega.
Alt Eisen - Old Iron (German)
Alt Eisen Nacht - Old Iron Night (German)
Alt Eisen Riese - Old Iron Giant (German)
Andras - One of the 72 pillars of Solomon.
Ansuz - Norse rune.
Aquila - Eagle (Latin)
Arma (Axel Arma) - A gun.
Armana - Named after the Armana tablet.
Aurgelmir - The father of all of the Frost Giants, was nourished by the streams of milk that came from the cow Audhumla. Aurgelmir was killed by Odin who made the Earth out of his corpse.
Aussenseiter - Outsider (German)

Baal - Master (Hebrew)
Balal - To mix up. (Hebrew)
Barak Rifle - Lightning Rifle (Hebrew)
Ben - Son (Hebrew)
Bergelmir - When Aurgelmir was killed, his blood flooded the world and killed all of the other frost giants--except for Bergelmir and his wife. They started a new line of giants after it.
Berith - One of the 72 pillars of Solomon.
Bet - A Hebrew letter.
Blanche Neige - Snow White (French)
Browning (Excellen and Lemon Browning) - A gun.

Calico - A gun.
Centrum - Center (Latin)
Cerberus - The three-headed guard dog of Hell.
Chokijin - Super Mechanical beings (Japanese)
Contagio - Disease (Latin)
Cuervo - Crow (Spanish)

Dag Lock - Fish Lock (Hebrew)
Dalet - A Hebrew letter.
Dikastes - Judge (Greek)
Despinis - Miss (Greek)
Deuteron - Second (Greek)
Devarim - Words. Related to a book in the Old Testament. (Hebrew)
Devora - Bee (Hebrew)
Dextra - Right (Latin)
Dunamis - Power (Greek)

Echidna - A greek monster.
Ehad - 1 (Hebrew)
Einst - First, Past, or Previous (German)
Einst Eisen - Single Iron (German)
Einst Gemuet - One Mind (German)
Einst Glied - One Member (German)
Einst Knochen - One Bone (German)
Einst Regisseur - One Director (German)
Eleos - Mercy (Greek)
Emet Asher - Fortunate Truth (Hebrew)
Enfield (Lefina Enfield) - A gun.
Ephesus - One of the seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelations.
Esrim - 20 (Hebrew)
Est - East (Italian)
Etzira - The name of one of the 7 worlds that make up the universe, in Kabbalistic lore.
Eved - Slave (Hebrew)
Ezekiel - A book in the Old Testament. (Hebrew)

Fabularis - Like a tale. (Latin)
Fatum - Fate (Latin)
Fehu Egret - Fehu, a norse rune. Can mean creation.
Flauros - One of the 72 pillars of Solomon.
Foglia - Leaf (Italian)
Fortis Ala - Strong Wind (Latin)
Freki - One of Odin's wolves.
Frons - Front (Latin)
Fury -

Gan Eden - In Jewish mysticism it is the land of paradise.
Ganador - Winner (Spanish)
Garmraid - Garm, a hellhound in Norse mythology.
Gekirin (Imperial Wrath) - The armor on its throat (Gekirin) can literally be translated as "Reverse Scale." It's said that to touch a dragon's reverse scale is to make it really really angry. Since the emperor was compared to a dragon, to make the emperor angry is like touching the reverse scale of a dragon.
Geri - One of Odin's wolves.
Gespenst - Spectre (German)
Gestalt - Shape (German)
Gewinnen Energie - Winning Energy (German)
Gewinnen Geist - Winning Spirit (German)
Gibbor - Strong Man/Mighty Hero (Hebrew)
GiganScudo - Giant Shield (Italian)
GiganScudo Duro - Giant Shield Hard (Italian)
Gimel - A Hebrew letter.
Glacies - Ice (Latin)
Glasyalabolas - One of the 72 pillars of Solomon.

Habakkuk - A book in the Old Testament. (Hebrew)
Haggai - A book in the Old Testament. (Hebrew)
Halphas - One of the 72 pillars of Solomon.
Hamisha - The masculine form of 5. (Hebrew)
He - A Hebrew letter.
Heiss Trane - Hot Tears (German)
Heraus Forderung - Out Account (German)
Hermano - Brother (Spanish)
Hermodr - One of Odin's sons. (Norse)
Holz Schraube - Wood Screw (German)
Huckebein - The name of a talking crow in an old comic strip. Also a WWII german jet fighter.
Hyperlion - Hyperion, the titan of light in Greek mythology. Is the father of Helios (the Sun), Selene (the Moon), and Eos (the dawn).
Hypokrisis - Feigning (Greek)

Ialdabaoth - Ialdabaoth is the Demiurge/false god of the Gnostic teachings.
Ichishiki - Type 1 (Japanese)
Ignis - Flame (Latin)
Impetus - Impulse (Latin)
Inazuma Juuryoku Otoshi - Lightning Gravity Drop (Japanese)
Ingram (Ingram Plisken) - A gun.
Irui - Infusion, is kashering by pouring boiling water over something, a method used for countertops and sinks.
Ishar - Woman (Hebrew)

Jaldabaoth - Creator
Jeremiah -
Judecca - The final deepest circle of Hell in Dante Alighieri's The Inferno.

Kaiser Efes - Emperor Zero (Hebrew)
Kuhn Arm - Bold Arm (German)
Kuhn Bohrer - Bold Drill (German)
Kuhn Faust - Bold Fist (German)

Lalia - Speech (Greek)
Lamia (Lamia Loveless) - A greek monster.
Lanze Kanone - Lance Cannon (German)
Laodicea - A Christian church mentioned in the Book of Revelations. They were the ones who were chastised for being lukewarm in their faith.
Lavan - White (Hebrew)
Luria - Named after Isaac Luria.
Luz Bailarina Baile - Light Dancer Dance (Spanish)

Magus Gebo - Gebo, norse rune.
Maschinen Gewehr - Machinery Rifle (German)
Mauser (Vindel Mauser) - A gun.
Mavet Gospel - Death Gospel (Hebrew)
Medius Locus - The middle point.
Megillot - Scroll (Hebrew)
Mishrei -
Mit Leid - With Sorrow (German)
Mitte - Center (German)

Nambu (Kyosuke Nambu) - A gun.
Nashim - Women's Law (Hebrew)
Neshama - One of three parts of the soul.
Neue Regisseur - New Director (German)
Neue Waerter - New Guardian (German)
Neviim - A prophet. (Hebrew)
Noctur - Nocturne (French)
Norouz - Marks the first day of spring, and the beginning of the Iranian year.
Nishiki - Type 2 (Japanese)

Pater - Father (Greek)
Perfectio - Perfect (Latin)
Pergamum - One of the seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelations.
Persoenlichkeit - Personality (German)
Philadelphia - One of the seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelations.
Priscus Nox - Ancient Night (Latin)
Proton - First (Greek)

Qayits - Summer (Hebrew)
Quadrat Mine - Square Mine (German)

Randgrith - The name of a valkyrie (Norse)
Rapiecage - Patchwork (French)
Rathgrith - The name of a valkyrie (Norse)
Recital - Recital (Spanish)
Reginleif - The name of a valkyrie (Norse)
Rein Weissritter - Pure White Knight (German)
R-Eins - R-1 (One)
Reishiki - Type 0 (Japanese)
Reiz Voll Taufe - Charming Full Baptism (German)
Res Arcana - Mysterious Thing (Latin)
R-Gun Rivale -
R-Schneide - R-Cutting Edge (German)
Ruach - One of three parts of the soul.
Ruina - Ruins/Burial (Latin)

Sagol - Purple (Hebrew)
Sandi - Sunday
Sanshiki - Type 3 (Japanese)
Sardis - One of the seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelations.
Schick Nagel - Dressy Nail (German)
Schutzwald -
Selena - A spanish name.
Septuagint - Is the name for the Greek translation of the Hebrew bible.
Shem Hameforash - True Name of God
Shemuel - An alternate spelling for Samuel. A book in the Old Testament. (Hebrew)
Shiva - 7 (Hebrew)
Shiva Volkruss - Loosely based off of the Hindu Trinity Godhead Shiva (Rudra)
Shulter Platte - Shoulder Plate (German)
Sigrun - The name of a valkyrie (Norse)
Simurgh - A giant bird from Persian mythology.
Sinistra - Left (Latin)
Sirena - Mermaid (Spanish)
Smyrna - One of the seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelations.
Sol - Sun (Spanish)
Soleaeres - One of the most basic forms of Flamenco. (Spanish)
Spinne Faden - Spider Thread (German)
Stern Regisseur - Star Director (German)
Sturm Angriff - Storm Attack (German)
Svanhild - Daughter of Sigurd and Gudrun (Norse)
Sympathia - Sympathy (Latin)

Technici Paides - Technical Children (Greek)
Tergum - Back (Latin) Thrudgelmir - Aurgelmir's son.
Thugater - Daughter (Greek)
Thurisaz - Norse rune.
Thyatira - One of the seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelations.
Tikvah - Hope (Hebrew)
Tis - Something (Greek)
Torah - Teaching/Law (Hebrew)
Triton - Third (Greek)
Trombe - Tornado (German)
Tsentr - Center (Russian)

Umbra - Shadow (Latin)
Urteil Kraft - Judgement Force (German)
Uruz - Norse rune.

Valfor - One of the 72 pillars of Solomon.
Varuch - Blessing
Vav - A Hebrew letter.
Vayikra - "and he called". Related to a book in the Old Testament. (Hebrew)
Vegalion - Vega, Altair, and Deneb are three stars that are known as the Summer Triangle.
Ventus - Wind
Violaceum - Violet (Latin)

Waerter - Guardian (German)
Waffe Schloss - Weapon Castle (German)
Webley (Sean Webley) - A gun.
Weissritter - White Knight (German)
Wild Falken - Wild Falcon (German)
Wildrauptier - Wild Raptor (As in a bird, not a dinosaur) (German)
Wild Schwein - Wild Boar (German)
Wild Wuerger - Wild Shrike (German)

Yad - Hand (Hebrew)

Zapad - West (Russian)
Zechariah - A book in the Old Testament. (Hebrew)