Pilot Name: Alchimie Einst
Voice Actor: Yuuko Mizutani
Group: Einst
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Alchemist With A Shaken Heart
Units Piloted: Persoenlichkeit
Games Appeared: Impact, Original Generation 2, Original Generations, and Original Generation Gaiden.

She's the only humanoid in the Einst series, and is a clone of Excellen. Because of this, she feels the same feelings for Kyosuke as Excellen does. She popped up mysteriously several times, usually looking for Kyosuke and Excellen. She succeeded in capturing Excellen, and used a form of mind control on her, while also transforming her Weissritter into Rein Weissritter.

Kyosuke tries to convince her to join them, and she does, once she's defeated. Her fate is the same as all of the other Einst's though, and she dies with the destruction of Stern Regisseur.

Alchimie closeup
Alchimie various expressions