Pilot Name: Al-Van Ranks
Voice Actor: None
Group: Unknown
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Unknown
Units Piloted: Raftclans
Games Appeared: J.

He's a Fury Knight. Calvina and him used to be lovers. He was originally a Space Alliance Army Captain, though it appears to have been a forgery. E-Selda is the person that he respects the most, since they had a master and apprentice relationship. He regrets having to betray Calvina, but it was needed to fulfill his duties as a Fury Knight.

He was demoted from the Knights after losing in battle against the Earthlings. In the end, his opinion differs from Gu-Landon's, and he decides to fight for the future of the Earth and Fury.

Al-Van face
Al-Van Cutin Art
Al-Van various expressions