Pilot Name: Aqua Centrum
Voice Actor: Yuri Shiratori
Group: Magnate Ten
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Dancing Blue
Units Piloted: Cerberus, Cerberus Ignite (Form S), Garmraid, Garmraid Blaze (Form S)
Games Appeared: MX and Original Generation Gaiden.

23 years old. Her ranking is a Second Lieutenant. She's a former student of Erde Mitte, who she idolized for being a strong, independant woman, and a great scientist. She hates it when others force her to do things, which caused her to run away from home, and eventually join the academy.

She later serves as Hugo's operator, but because of her personality, the two didn't get along well at first. She is required to wear a DFC suit, a bathing suit-like outfit, in order to properly control their units. She disliked the suit's design since it showed a lot of skin, which made her slightly embarrassed.

After Hugo overdosed on his medicine, she found out more about his situation, causing them to grow closer. When they received their new unit, it was revealed to have two forms, allowing Aqua to become the main pilot for one of them.

Once she found out that Erde was the operator on the Medius Locus, she began to get upset since she was no longer the woman that she respected so much. With Hugo's help though, she was able to get through it, since he was going through a similar situation with his former commander, Albero.

After the war is over, she decided to take over Erde's former position as an instructor.