Pilot Name: Arado Balanga
Voice Actor: Unknown
Group: School
Nickname: Young Shrike
Theme Song: Ace Attacker ver. W
Units Piloted: Lion-F, Huckebein MK-II M, Arblade, Wildfalken L, Huckebein MK-III L (@2), Wildwuerger R
Games Appeared: Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

He's a student of School, which is a DC pilot training program. His class number is Bronzo 28. He's a Sergeant Major.

He's very positive, and always flirts with Seolla, which annoys her. He's part of the Boosted Children, and doesn't have any memories prior to joining The School. He's a very good pilot, though he doesn't get a chance to show off his skills much. They forced him to use mostly long ranged machines, when melee combat is his forte. He piloted the Wildfalken L in an attempt to save his friends from the Inspectors, but was quickly shot down because he tried to melee in it.

He has a large appetite, and even says that Kusuha's health drink is delicious.

Arado various poses