Pilot Name: Archibald Grims
Voice Actor: Takumi Yamazaki
Group: Neue Divine Crusaders
Nickname: None
Theme Song: None
Units Piloted: R-Eins, Ashsaber, Giganspada
Games Appeared: Original Generation 2 and Original Generations.

34 years old. He serves as a Neue DC soldier, and his ranking is Lieutenant Colonel. He comes from an old aristocratic background, and appears to have a nice look to him, though he's really rather cruel. He was the main cause of the Elpis Event. He has a strong hatred for the Choukijin, since they were the cause of his clans fall. He betrays his superior officer, Van, and kills him. He joins forces with the Shadow Mirror forces afterwards. His final battle took place inside of the Earth Cradle, and he piloted an Ashsaber. Rai and Elzam cooperate with eachother, and attack him at the same time, causing him to be driven into a corner. He had no chance of escaping, and was then killed by a bomb.

Archibald various poses