Pilot Name: Aria Advance
Voice Actor: None
Group: The Database, Valstork Family
Nickname: Unknown
Units Piloted: Arm Arcus, Valzacard
Games Appeared: W.

16 years old. She's very fond of her sister, Mihiro, and always appears to save her when she's in trouble, but acts rather harshly towards Kazuma.

She's the front commander of The Database, and pilots a custom machine called Arm Arcus. She thinks of Applicant as her father, and calls him "papa." She's disposed of by The Database after she keeps failing to defeat Kazuma. Because of the mechanical ways that The Database operates, she is very ignorant on the subject of relationships.

She was hostile towards Kazuma because she was jealous of the situation he was in, and wanted to take his place in the Valstork Family. Aria escaped with Kazuma and Mihiro after they were finally captured, along with Regulate. She then fights together with Kazuma and his family, and begins treating him better.

Aria head