Pilot Name: Ariel Org
Voice Actor: Unknown
Group: None
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Unknown
Units Piloted: Flickerei Geist
Games Appeared: Real Robot Regiment.

Project Idealants Experiment Subject 0. First android of the Project Idealants series. Since she believes she lacks proper emotions of a regular human being, she joins the Preventer organization in order to learn to express herself better. Under Dr. Ozunu's last wish, she pursues Duvan relentlessly in order to stop his ambition.
While Ariel is pretty calm and reserved in the beginning, she begins to show more emotions as she learns about the conflicts of the humans and aliens. Though, she's not as entirely robot-like as she thinks.
When Duvan is finally defeated in his transformed state, he attempted to destroy Von Braun with the Alles, but was stopped by Ariel with a Revolving Stake to the cockpit. In a flash of explosions, the Alles and Flickerei disappear from the eyes of the Preventers.

After those events, everyone comments that Ariel is probably alive and that she'll find a way to live despite being an Idealant. Later, in the Guyana Highlands, Ariel decides to live peacefully through the rest of her short lifespan with Duvan close in her memory.