Pilot Name: Armana Tikvah
Voice Actor: None
Group: Ze Balmary Empire
Nickname: None
Theme Song: None
Units Piloted: None
Games Appeared: Alpha 3.

She's a Balmar princess, and priestess of Zehirut. On her seventeenth birthday she was to be sacrificed to Zehirut, the god of Balmar, to grant them eternal life.

She has two people that guard over her, Baran, and Luria. She has a great interest in the Earth, and humans, which makes her decide to runaway in order visit there. She ends up meeting with the Alpha Numbers, and realizes that the humans of Earth are similar to the Balmar. Baran and Luria eventually come to take Armana back with them, and then she is locked up on the Balmar flagship.

Armana begins plotting a plan to escape with Luria, and does so. Eventually she returns to her homeland in order to reveal Shiva's schemes so that there can be peace between the Earth and Balmar. After Shiva and Ruach's death, she becomes the leader of the Balmar people.