Pilot Name: Baran Doban
Voice Actor: Tadashi Miyazawa
Group: Ze Balmary Empire
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Ware Koso wa Baran Doban
Units Piloted: Bemidban
Games Appeared: Alpha 3.

He's the head of the Doban house, which is one of the twelve royal houses of the Balmar Empire. He's the Commander of Ruach's Imperial Guards' forces, and is one of Armana's loyal protectors.

He fights with Zengar and Touma, and develops a rivalry with them. He and Hazal used to have a master and student relationship. He decides to abandon Ruach once he realizes that he doesn't follow the same beliefs as him, and joins the Alpha Numbers, along with Luria.

He didn't know of the existence of Keiser Ephes before he appeared before them.