Pilot Name: Barrel Orland
Voice Actor: Daisuke Namikawa
Group: Unknown
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Unknown
Units Piloted: Ixbrau, Ixbrau form-B, Ixbrau form-G, Ixbrau form-H, Ixbrau form-T
Games Appeared: Another Century's Episode 3.

He became the pilot of the Ixbrau after Fey went to World A.

After defeating Berkt, he realized the Bardona Drive had finished charging, meaning it was ready to force the two worlds to collide. He rushed off on his own to stop it, realizing he was the last key needed. Faye followed him until the end, teling him that she had a plan, despite her not having one.

Barrel various expressions 1
Barrel various expressions 2
Barrel various expressions 3