Pilot Name: Bian Zoldark
Voice Actor: Shouzou Iizuka
Group: Divine Crusaders
Nickname: None
Theme Song: None
Units Piloted: Valsion
Games Appeared: 2, 2G, 3, EX, 4, F Final, Original Generation, and Original Generations.

44 years old. He is the leader and founder of the Divine Crusaders. After the discovery of Meteor 3, he theorized that it was sent by aliens. He tried warning the EOT Special Discussion Assembly, and later ended up forming the DC. He declared war against the Earth Federation during the South Pole incident. He did it so they would realize how serious the threat coming towards the Earth was, and so they would develop stronger weapons. He created his Valsion for this purpose, though he was defeated near the end of the war.

Bian various poses