Pilot Name: Blessfield Ardygun
Voice Actor: None
Group: Valstork Family
Nickname: Bless, Hawk's Eye
Theme Song: Departure ~ To the Endless Sea of Stars
Units Piloted: Valstork (Captain), Valguard
Games Appeared: W.

45 years old. He's known as the legendary Trailer, and he's earned the nickname "Hawk's Eye." He's the foundation of the Ardygun family, and he serves as the Captain of the Valstork. He took over the Valstork from his father, and always talks about many things regarding Trailers. He has several friends in high places from a variety of organizations. He used to be a space pirate that carried out his own justice, but settled down once he met his wife Yuumi, and became a Trailer.

He protects Kazuma from an explosion during a major battle, but is sent 15 billion years into the past. He met the people of an ancient civilization, the Es, and was taught the importantance of memory, which gave him hope. He worked together with them, and created the Knowledge Records and Record Plant. He also created the Valstork and Valhawk.

He was born on Mars, and has the ability to Boson Jump. This is how he was sent into the past during the explosion.

Blessfield head