Pilot Name: Brad Skywind
Voice Actor: None
Group: The Resistance
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Sailing! Towards the Skies
Units Piloted: Earthgain, Super Earthgain
Games Appeared: 64.

16 years old. He has a menacing look, with a cross shaped scar that makes him look like a bad guy. He's a very kind person despite his appearence. He's very hotblooded, and takes it upon himself to get rid of evil people while protecting the weak.

He's an orphan, and has been training since a very young age, along with his fellow friend and rival, Katz, in the robot grappling combat style called "Buki Haken Ryuu," created by Viror Sunda. Because he's worked so hard training all of his life, he's rather ignorant of what the world is really like.

After Viror's death, Brad decided to carry out his last will, which is to pilot the Buki Haken Ryuu robot, Earthgain, and fight with it.