Pilot Name: Calvina Cranju
Voice Actor: None
Group: Unknown
Nickname: White Lynx
Theme Song: Revenger, Guardian Angel
Units Piloted: Coustwell, Coustwell Brachium, Bellzelute, Bellzelute Brigandi, Granteed, Granteed Dracodeus, Vorlent, Raftclans
Games Appeared: J.

22 years old. She was the former Second Lieutenant of the Space Alliance Army. She was a genius pilot known as the "White Lynx," though she was soon sent to Mars as a demotion because of her lack of cooperation. While at Jupiter, she witnessed a fight against a new enemy. She left the military upon returning to the Earth Sphere.

She became a test pilot for the Ashuari-Kreuzel's Moon factory, and tested their new machines. The Fury attacked the plant, and Calvina was the only survivor, though she was heavily injured.

Several months later, she decided to join a battle ship and acted as their advisor. She becomes a test pilot once again, this time using the machine that Festenia, Katia, and Melua brought with them. She soons encounters her ex-lover, Al-Van, who was thought to be dead, on the battlefield.

Upon the destruction of Zui-Gadin, she managed to save Al-Van from his suicide attack at the core. They end up living together after the war ends, along with Festenia, Katia, and Melua.

Calvina and Al-Van
Calvina and Al-Van 2
Calvina face
Calvina Cutin Art
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