Pilot Name: Ricarla Borgnine
Voice Actor: Rica Matsumoto
Group: Neue DC
Nickname: Carla
Theme Song: None
Units Piloted: Guarlion, R-Eins, Randgrith
Games Appeared: Alpha, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

18 years old. She worked as part of the DC remnants, and her ranking is Second Lieutenant. She's a very passionate girl, and is slightly masculine. Since she's very nice to her companions, she usually ends up helping them with their problems.

She's a optimistic, though she is troubled by things from her past. She was born in San Diego, and dreamed of entering the entertainment business with her singing and dancing skills. She lost her family during the L5 Campaign, when the Aerogators attacked her hometown.

After those events, she joined Yuuki Jegunan, and fought as part of the DC remnants in order to get revenge on those that killed her family.

Her hobbies include writing song lyrics, and watching romantic movies.

Carla various poses
Carla various poses 2