Pilot Name: Chashiki Pontsragle
Voice Actor: Unknown
Group: Ancient Uls Civilization
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Unknown
Units Piloted: Shikanna Shin
Games Appeared: Real Robot Battle Line.

She's a young girl who accompanies Mother Duplicator. She appears to be a young girl, around the ages of 10-12, but her true age is unclear. She is a quiet person, is always calm.

Although her body may be small, her mind is that of an adult. She has her own philosophies, and dislikes fighting. She fights in order to protect Mother Duplicator, but it causes her to feel guilty. Like Eledrile, she uses a cold sleep process, which is the cause of her young features.

Musica managed to convince her to join her group after much persuading. After Mother Duplicator's defeat, she still watched over Uls.