Pilot Name: Cobray Gordon
Voice Actor: Yuuki Tai
Group: Alpha Numbers (Golar Golem/Ze Balmary Empire)
Nickname: Ayin
Theme Song: Another Time Diver, The Gun of Dis
Units Piloted: Varuch Ben, Werkbau, Dis Astranagant
Games Appeared: Alpha 3.

His true name is Ayin, and he's the sixteenth in the Barshem series. He was sent on a mission to inspect the Cross Gate, but was involved in an accident when a partially destroyed Astranagant merged with his Varuch Ben.

He later had no memories of his past after the incident, and was picked up by the Alpha Numbers. He was registered in the Earth Federation's databse as Cobray Gordon, so he went with it, and took on that name. He ended up becoming very close to Arado and Seolla.

He was attacked by Calico, who was the Commander of the Golar Golem forces, the group that he had belonged to before the accident occurred. When he was about to lose, Ingram, the Originator, took over Cobray's body, and fought in his place.

Ingram and Cobray were in a constant struggle over control, but Cobray eventually came to terms with his situation, and accepted himself as Cobray Gordon, rather than just another one of the Barshem series. This allowed Cobray to remain in control.

After the Balmar War, he leaves his friends, and takes on Ingram's role as a Time Diver.

Cobray with Ingram in control