Pilot Name: Dark Brain
Voice Actor: None
Group: None
Nickname: Emperor of Darkness
Theme Song: Wisdom of the Darkness, The Great Battle
Units Piloted: None
Games Appeared: Original Generation Gaiden.

He's known as the Emperor of Darkness and is Roar's archrival. He's a being of great power, and has destroyed countless worlds by opening up the dimensional doors.

He was summoned into the world by Dunamis 3, his creation. He created several Dunamises, and had spread them out across various dimensions in order to search for and eliminate Roar. Dunamis 3 was damaged at some point though, causing her to lose the knowledge of her true nature and goals. Because of this, he decided to destroy her. He tried to destroy Dunamis 3's remaining homunculus, Despinis, but she was defended by both Raul and Kohta.

He managed to transform due to the negative emotions that were gathered during his fight against the Hagane and Hiryuu Kai's forces, but he was ultimately defeated.