Pilot Name: Despinis
Voice Actor: None
Group: Technici Paides (Dunamis)
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Be A Perfect
Units Piloted: Eleos
Games Appeared: R, Original Generations, and Original Generation Gaiden.

She is one of Dunamis' homunculi. Although she's quiet and timid, she is also quite strong.

After Duminas was badly injured by the rigged Time Flow Engine, Despinis and the other homunculi decided that they would give up their own life energy in order to heal Duminas. Duminas offered to give them something extra when she finishes rebuilding them, and Despinis chose to be kinder.

Even after she gave up her own life force, her body continued to fight in order to protect Duminas.

Unlike Lalia and Tis, she was not absorbed into Dunamis 3. After Dunamis was destroyed, she was convinced by Mizuho and the others to live on for herself instead of dying. She joins Raul and his friends in their fight during the last stages of the war.

After the war was over, she was hesitant on staying with Raul and his friends, but they managed to convince her to stay with them. Raul even taught her how to act more human-like, by learning the meaning of simple phrases such as thanks and sorry. She now works with them at their newly established company, L&E Corporation.