Pilot Name: Dunamis 3
Voice Actor: None
Group: Dunamis
Nickname: Duminas
Theme Song: None
Units Piloted: Duminas Proton, Duminas Triton
Games Appeared: Original Generations and Original Generation Gaiden.

She is the third Dunamis created by Dark Brain. Her purpose was to defeat her creator's enemy, Roar. In order to do so, Dark Brain sent her, and many others like her, across various dimensions so that she could locate and destroy him. She was damaged at some point though, and had little memory of her true objectives.

She yearned to meet her creator, and sought after a way to obtain Compatible Kaiser's OG Engine. She planned on using it in order to open up the dimensional gates, allowing her to meet her creator, and ask him what her true purpose in the world was.

She kidnapped Kohta's sister, Shouko, and brainwashed her, forcing her to become her servant. She then had her equip the Emmy Armor, and had her pilot the G-Thunder Gate in an attempt to defeat and steal the Compatible Kaiser. Her plan didn't work out well though, since Shouko regained herself and joined her brother once again.

She then decided to kidnap Raji and Mizuho, and had them make a new Time Flow Engine for her. They did, though they also rigged it to explode. After suffering great damage, she absorbed two of her three homunculi, and transformed. After being defeated once more, she retreated and began opening the dimensional gates in order to summon her creator into the world. She was successful, and found out the true nature of her origins. Dark Brain then killed her for being a worthless defect.