Pilot Name: Duvan Org
Voice Actor: Unknown
Group: None
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Unknown
Units Piloted: Alles Geist
Games Appeared: Real Robot Regiment.

Project Idealants Experiment Subject 00. Second android of the Project Idealants series. Having destroyed the lab for Project Idealants and killed his creator, Dr. Ozunu, Duvan plans to use the power of the Ultimate Gundam to break the Idealants one flaw, and that is their limited mortality. After that, he intends to conquer all of mankind and lead them as the new leader, as is the destiny conferred to ones who lead man.

Duvan is pretty intent on his course, believing it is their destined path, as superior ideal humans, to lead mankind. Unlike Ariel who shared experiences with the Preventer crew, Duvan never understood that there're other means to live. Duvan would stubbornly continue to fight in the final battle and be destroyed by Ariel.