Pilot Name: Eledrile Elfin
Voice Actor: Unknown
Group: Ancient Uls Civilization
Nickname: Eldy
Theme Song: Unknown
Units Piloted: Winjewel
Games Appeared: Real Robot Battle Line.

She watches over Mother Duplicator. She appears to be a young girl, around the ages of 16-17, but her true age is unclear.

She's very selfish due to her innocent nature, which makes her appear cruel. She has no problem attacking people due to her beliefs that anyone other than the ancient Ulsians are monkeys. Like Chashiki, she uses a cold sleep process, which is the cause of her young features.

She's responsible for attacking and destroying the Valhalla Corps.

When Chashiki was persuaded by Musica to join her in battle, Chashiki managed to convince her to join, too.