Pilot Name: Elzam von Branstein
Voice Actor: Tetsu Inada
Group: Divine Crusaders
Nickname: El, Ratsel Feinschmecker (Alias)
Theme Song: Trombe!
Units Piloted: Kurogane, Gespenst MK-II R, Guarlion Trombe, Huckebein Trombe
Games Appeared: Original Generation.

29 years old. His ranking is a Major. He's the eldest son of the distinguished Branstein family, and is the older brother of Rai. He has excellent judgement, and is always able to make the best decisions while looking at the bigger picture. He's an excellent PT pilot, and his culinary skills are unrivaled. He's a former member of the elite group known as the Aggressors.

Years ago, terrorists attacked the colony where he lived, and took over the dock threating to kill everyone if their demands weren't met. When Elzam and his troops arrived, he found out that they were holding his wife hostage, and they forced him to choose between her or the colony. She asked for him to blow up the dock along with her and the terrorists, so he agreed unwillingly. This event became known as the Elpis Incident. This is what caused him and his brother Rai to grow apart.

He was one of the first people to combat the Aerogators. He managed to kill four of them, and captured the fifth one while he was using an unarmed Gespenst MK-II. He then brought it back to the labs so it could be analyzed by Bian Zoldark.

He loves painting all of his machines red, black, and yellow. He calls them "Trombe," which is named after his old horse.

Elzam various poses