Pilot Name: Fernando Alduk
Voice Actor: Wataru Takagi
Group: Shura
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Wild Dance of the Machine God
Units Piloted: Valefar, Valefar (Apotheosized)
Games Appeared: Compact 3, Original Generations, and Original Generation Gaiden.

He's Folka's brother-in-law, and they used to be best friends before they became rivals. His pride was badly damaged when he failed to defeat Folka for breaking the Shura laws, which caused him to have a strong dislike for him. He also uses the same fighting style as Folka, which is called "Machine God Fist."

During Magnus' final battle, Fernando also fought against Folka once again. During the battle, Fernando had the upper hand, but Folka ended up evolving his unit into a newer, more powerful one, and once again defeated Fernando. He later arrives with Alion in order to save Maysis who was about to be killed by Arko. He joins forces with Folka, and helps him fight against their remaining foes. After the war is over, he helps Folka rebuild the Shura forces.

Fenando head
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