Pilot Name: Galuin M'Habel
Voice Actor: None
Group: Aerogators (Ze Balmary Empire)
Nickname: None
Theme Song: None
Units Piloted: Gespenst S, Ezekiel Lavan
Games Appeared: Original Generation and Original Generations.

He was originally Colonel Kar-Wai Lau, the Commander of the Aggressors. He went missing during the initial testing of the Gespenst S. It's revealed that he was abducted by the Aerogators, and was turned into Galuin. He was remodelled by Atad, though it wasn't perfect. He has odd reactions to Gespensts. Guilliam and Latun realize his true identity during their first encounter with him.

He later pilots a Gespenst S that was strengthened by the Aerogators technology, but dies after fighting against Guilliam.