Pilot Name: Georgie George
Voice Actor: Unknown
Group: Valhalla Corps, Northern Bright Army
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Unknown
Units Piloted: Choir Cannon
Games Appeared: Real Robot Battle Line.

16 years old. She comes from a well respected family. For generations now, her family has tried to keep their daughters sheltered from the outside world, but her personality is typical of a young girl her age.

She was a member of the elite group, the Valhalla Corps, and was sent on a special mission with them. Her and her group encountered Eledrile, a mysterious woman who managed to decimate their forces effortlessly. Georgie escaped, but everyone else in the unit died.

She was soon assigned as Glen's assistant. She's extremely loyal towards him, and even begins developing feelings for him. She dislikes Musica due to her close relationship with Glen, and considers her a rival in love.

She eventually realizes Musica's skills, and helps her with information on the battlefield.