Pilot Name: Glacies
Voice Actor: None
Group: Ruina, Blue Swear
Nickname: Lacie
Theme Song: Unknown
Units Piloted: Fabularis
Games Appeared: D.

She's a Ruina soldier that represents ice. Joshua and Ignis call her Lacie since they're closest to her.

She helped destroy many towns, and killed many civilians in order to gather the negative energy that was needed for Perfectio. When she encountered Josh, the Sympatia System caused their machines to resonate, giving her a greater understanding of him due to their temporary link. She thought she was broken after this, since she lacked feelings before their link up. She eventually tried to destroy herself at the Ruina base during an encounter against the Blue Swear forces.

If Josh chooses to save her, then she decides to join Blue Swear. Because her crystal was broken after the incident, she was free from Perfectio's control, causing her to her appearence to change into that of a beautiful woman, as well as a change in her personality. She was ignorant of the world around her, but began adjusting to it slowly thanks to everyone's help.

After the war, she has three years left to live. She leaves to go on a journey with Josh, although she isn't aware of her situation. It's unknown whether or not her feelings towards him were romantic.