Pilot Name: Hans Weber
Voice Actor: None
Group: Earth Federation (Divine Crusaders)
Nickname: None
Theme Song: None
Units Piloted:
Games Appeared: Original Generation and Original Generations.

38 years old. He was the commander at the Far Eastern base, and his ranking was Lieutenant Colonel. He was a very aggressive person.

He revealed himself to be a DC spy, and told them that he was the one who leaked the info about Ryoto and Tenzan from the Burning PT sims to the DC. He was also responsible for the cause of the Wildrauptier's failure when he had Kyosuke first test its transformation mechanism, secretly knowing that it wouldn't work. If he hadn't done it then it would have meant a sure loss for the DC's flying AM series, such as the Lions. Kyosuke rarely hates anyone enough on the battlefield while fighting, but he made an exception for Hans.

He ends up dieing in battle before he's able to achieve his goal of being one of the lucky few people to go into the Earth Cradle's hibernation.