Pilot Name: Hazal Gozzo
Voice Actor: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Group: Golar Golem (Ze Balmary Empire)
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Unknown
Units Piloted: Vayikra
Games Appeared: Alpha 3.

He's the Commander of the Golar Golem forces. He manages to destroy the SRX due to the data that Euzeth left. His Vayikra, and Ace's Devariim are able to combine into a single, more powerful machine. He challeneges Ryuusei and Kusuha because of their strong powers, which Shiva notes may be stronger than his.

He and Baran Doban used to have a master and student relationship, and he knows Luria, too.

He's actually the same type of hybrid human as the Barshem series, and the Judecca types. He was created in order to draw out Psychodriver abilities. He hadn't known about this, because they wanted him to believe that he was a true born Balmarian. Ace revealed it to him during his final moments, right before he was killed.