Pilot Name: Ibis Douglas
Voice Actor: Akeno Watanabe
Group: Project TD
Nickname: Silver Shooting Star
Theme Song: Falling Star, Slice the Night
Units Piloted: Calion (04), Astelion, Astelion AX, Altairlion, Hyperlion
Games Appeared: Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

She is a test pilot for Project TD, which is a space exploration project, and her unit designation is 04. Her personal colors are silver and white. Her piloting skills are inferior to Sleigh's, and they oftenly joke about her always getting shot down. She's been given the nick name "Silver Shooting Star." She has always dreamt of going on a journey as an astronaut, and that is what allows her to endure her painful training efforts. She's a kind person, and enjoys sweet foods. She gets assigned as the pilot for Astelion.

She left after failing the Maneuver GraMXs, which killed Filio, and left her very depressed. Sleigh tracked her down, and attacked her many times. Ibis ends up regaining her confidence, and stands up for herself against Sleigh. Sleigh and her get over their differences, and combine their machines into Hyperlion.

Ibis various poses