Pilot Name: Ingram Plisken
Voice Actor: Toru Furusawa
Group: Earth Federation - SRX team (Aerogators/Ze Balmary Empire)
Nickname: Alef
Theme Song: Time Diver, Herald of Oblivion
Units Piloted: Wildschwein, R-GUN, R-GUN Rivale, Astranagant
Games Appeared: Super Hero Sakusen, Alpha, Original Generation, and Original Generations.

He's the first clone in the mass-produced Barshem series created by Euzeth Gozzo, and is known as the Originator. His codename is "Alef Barshem." He becomes Commander of the SRX Team, and his ranking is a Major. After recruiting Ryuusei and Rai, he had all the people he needed for the SRX Team.

He later betrays the SRX Team, and reveals himself to be a spy sent by the Aerogators. Him and Ryuusei fight many times on the battlefield. Many couldn't understand his actions, and how he was able to stay calm the whole time. He was being manipulated by Euzeth Gozzo, though Ingram's will was strong enough to want to break free from his control.

His body was lost, and only his influence over Astranagant was able to control it. By chance, when Cobray was scouting an area near an asteroid, Astranagant emerged and took over his machine. Ingram's consciousness then takes over Cobray from time to time. Cobray eventually broke free from the control that Ingram had over him, and chose to fight on his own.

Ingram's also been revealed to be a Time Diver, someone who takes on the role of keeping the balance of good and bad equal in dimensions. Cobray takes over the role for him after his death.

In the Original Generation timeline, his will was tied down to Judecca, and he instead piloted R-GUN Rivale rather than Astranagant. This Ingram also doesn't appear to have come from another dimension like the other.

Ingram various poses