Pilot Name: Irui
Voice Actor: Nao Yamauchi
Group: Alpha Numbers
Nickname: Shrine Maiden of Gan Eden, Irui Gan Eden
Theme Song: Twin Icon
Units Piloted: Nashim Gan Eden
Games Appeared: Alpha 2 and Alpha 3.

She's a mysterious girl that was picked up by the Alpha Numbers. It's revealed that she's a Psychodriver, and her task is to act as the guardian of the Earth. She is known as the "Shrine Maiden of Gan Eden." She became very close to the Alpha Numbers, and is even the one that helped Ibis returning to her former self.

She is captured by the Balmar Empire during the Balmar War, and is used to operate Geber Gan Eden. She eventually breaks free of their control, and leaves.

Irui various poses
Irui various poses