Pilot Name: Joshua Radcliffe
Voice Actor: None
Group: Blue Swear
Nickname: Josh
Theme Song: Unknown
Units Piloted: Aile Chevalier, Jean Chevalier, Ganador, Forte Gigas
Games Appeared: D.

18 years old. He looks rather unfriendly, but he's actually a good person, who has a strong sense of responsibility. He always takes care of others, and is considered to be a nice, older brother by those around him. He has complex feelings when thinking about his father, such as hatred and love. When he was a child, he enjoyed his father's praise, and studied hard in hopes of becoming a pilot that could protect his family one day. He oftenly takes high risks out on the battlefield.

He was originally with Rim, his sister-in-law, and his father, Felio Radcliffe, at the South Pole, but left soon after finding out that his father's experiments caused Rim to have two personalities. After being away for 2 years, he joined Cliff and his Felio at the South Pole in order to help with their research.

The base is attacked by enemies, and soon is eneveloped in a strange light, coming from the Fabula Fores. He soon becomes a pilot in a group called Blue Swear, fighting against the mysterious Ruina forces. He finds out that his father was responsible for what happened, and agonizes over that fact.

He encounters a Ruina woman named Glacies, who refers to herself as a Melioruesse. During one of their encounters, their Sympatia resonates, causing them to link up temporarily. He comes to understand her somewhat, and wishes to save her.

He has a chance to save Glacies from death. If he chooses to save her, then she joins Blue Swear, and fights along side him against the Ruina.

After finding out that Perfectio, the King of Ruins, took over his father's body, he decided that he was going to try and free him in an attempt to prevent himself from losing anyone else dear to him.

After the war, he goes on a journey with Glacies, despite her having a three year lifespan. Their feelings for eachother are never clearly stated.