Pilot Name: Kai Kitamura
Voice Actor: None
Group: None
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Rushing Dandy
Units Piloted: Gespenst MK-II M, Gespenst MK-II M Kai, Gespenst MK-II S
Games Appeared: Original Generation, Original Generation 2, Original Generations, and Original Generation Gaiden.

36 years old. He's a former member of the elite group known as the Aggressors. Later, he became the commander of a PT force that's located near the Far Eastern Base. His ranking is a Major. He's married and also has a daughter. He's very strict, and was called a demon instructor by Masaki, who then broke the rules and sortied on his own. Kai made him sit perfectly straight for several hours after that incident.

After the war with the Aerogators, he became the commander of the new Aggressors, along with Latun and Rai.

Kai various poses