Pilot Name: Kazuma Ardygun
Voice Actor: None
Group: Valstork Family
Nickname: Kite
Units Piloted: Valhawk (Main Pilot), Valguard, Valzacard
Games Appeared: W.

16 years old. He's the Ardygun's only son, and is known as a "Trailer." He's very sloppy and rash in his decisions. His goal is to become a great Trailer, since his father is his most respected person, and is known as the legendary Trailer. He writes in his journal every day, recording all of the events that have transpired, due to Bless' request.

Kazuma left the Valstork Family due to his depression and shock from Blessfield's sacrifice, and joined a group called Serpent Tail six months later, while he went by a new name; Kite. During one of their missions, they encountered the Valstork Family, and he once again joined them. He's 17 years old during the final battle against The Database.

30 years after The Database's defeat, he wrote a book titled "The Truth of Trailers." It's an autobiography, and quickly became a best selling book.

Kazuma (Age 17)
Kazuma Profiles