Pilot Name: Keiser Ephes
Voice Actor: Ichirou Mizuki
Group: Ze Balmary Empire
Nickname: Spirit Emperor
Theme Song: To the End of the Galaxy
Units Piloted: Keiser Ephes
Games Appeared: Alpha 3.

He's the true ruler of the Balmar Empire, and is the real Spirit Emperor. He's known as the existence that created the world, the god of creation, Zehirut. Meeting with him was forbidden, so only the current Spirit Emperors were allowed to know of his existence.

He wanted to erase the major obstacles that were in his way, so he stayed hidden, gathering power for many years. He eventually gained enough power to rival his opponents', and became the true form of malice. His entire body is covered in black, he has six arms, and three glowing red eyes. He was eventually defeated by the Alpha Numbers, with the help of Nashim Gan Eden.

Keiser Ephes' True Form