Pilot Name: Kusuha Mizuha
Voice Actor: Mikako Takahashi
Group: ATX Team
Nickname: Dragon Lady
Theme Song: Ace Attacker, Us 2 Enemies None (Ryukoou)
Units Piloted: Grungust Type-2 (Unit 1), Grungust Type-3 (Unit 1 and 3), Ryuouki, Ryujinki, Ryukoou, Gouryu Kai, Shin Ryukoou
Games Appeared: Super Hero Sakusen, Alpha, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Original Generation, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

18 years old. She's a member of the ATX Team, and her call sign is Assault 4. Her ranking went from Sergeant Major to Second Lieutenant. She first joined the Hagane thanks to Ingram, and served as a nurse. She later becomes a pilot and uses a Grungust Nishiki.

She's very caring, and nice to everyone. She has strong Psychodriver powers, which is why Ingram recruited her. She's a childhood friend of Ryuusei's. She later begins to grow feelings for Bullet.

Her hobby is reading books while taking a long bath, usually for three hours. She's also a health nut, and orders a lot of health ingredients. She loves making her special health drink, which most people fear. It's had the effects of upsetting their stomachs, making them faint, or just tasting awful. Bullet and Ingram have fallen victim to its effects, though Arad and certain Balmar people seem to like its taste. Ratsel was able to note all of the ingredients used in it.

After the war with the Aerogators, she went to the Langley base with Bullet, and served as a nursing soldier. However, later she was assigned to a secret confidential project, and was ordered to go to the Tesla Leicht labs alone. She has amazing psychic powers just like Bullet, and with it she can pilot the Ryukoou.

Kusuha (@3 costume)
Kusuha various poses
Kusuha various poses 2