Pilot Name: Kyosuke Nanbu
Voice Actor: Toshiyuki Morikawa
Group: ATX Team
Nickname: Beowulf
Theme Song: Steel Beowulf
Units Piloted: Wild Rauptier L, Gespenst MK-II M, Alt Eisen, Alt Eisen Riese
Games Appeared: Compact 2-1, Compact 2-2, Compact 2-3, Impact, Original Generation, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

He is hotblooded, but stays quiet and to himself at times. He is a great taciturn, and Excellen is his lover.

22 years old. He's the Commander of the ATX Team, and his call sign is Assault 1. His rankings went from Sergeant Major, to Second Lieutenant, to Lieutenant. He was originally assigned as Assault 4, but was promoted to Commander once Zengar betrayed them. He's always calm and has excellent judgement, though there are times when he can't control his anger out on the battlefield. He's also a very skilled pilot, and is the only person that's able to handle the Alt Eisen without troubles.

Excellen is his lover, and he tries to protect her to the best of his abilities. He's saved her twice, once when Ingram kidnapped her, and also when Alfimi took her. It's also been revealed that Kyosuke and Excellen both survived a shuttle crash together when they were younger, and they were the only survivors. Kyosuke doesn't remember meeting her though.

His hobby is gambling. The less likely his odds of winning are, the greater excitement he feels. He's incredibly lucky, as he's survived the shuttle crash, Wild Rauptier's failed transformation, and many more events.

After the war with the Aerogators, he is assigned to the North American Langley base, and is ordered to suppress the DC remnants. He pilots the upgraded Alt Eisen Riese. However, his fate changes drastically when he meets the mysterious Einst series, and a young girl named Alfimi.

Kyosuke various poses