Pilot Name: Lamia Loveless
Voice Actor: Kaori Shimizu
Group: ATX Team (Shadow Mirror)
Nickname: W17
Theme Song: Ash to Ash
Units Piloted: Angelg, Ashsaber, Vaisaga
Games Appeared: A, Original Generation 2, Original Generations, and Original Generation Gaiden.

She's part of the W series created by Lemon, and her designation is W17. She had several speech problems due to various breakdowns, though they were later fixed when she rejoined the Shadow Mirror forces. She was sent as a Shadow Mirror spy, and joined the ATX Team, becoming Assault 4, in order to gather info on various subjects, such as Beowulf. She ended up betraying the Shadow Mirror forces after she had rejoined them, and helped the ATX Team out in battle.

After the Neue DC War and the war with the Inspectors, she becomes a member of the Aggressors. Her ranking is a Second Lieutenant. She gets involved in the Bartool event, and ends up being used by them, though it didn't last very long.

Lamia body shot
Lamia closeup/a>
Lamia various poses 2