Pilot Name: Levi Torah
Voice Actor: Ai Orikasa
Group: Aerogators (Ze Balmary Empire)
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Marionette Messiah
Units Piloted: Vaikul, Judecca (White)
Games Appeared: Alpha, Original Generation, and Original Generations.

Due to an accident occurring at the ICS Labs, Mai Kobayashi went missing. She was abducted by the Aerogators, and was turned into Levi, while inside of Neviim. Her fake memories were created by Etzira. She believes herself to be a true Balmarian, and fights against the SRX Team and the others many times.

After she's defeated, she's found inside of the core of Judecca, and is saved. She no longer had the mind of Levi, but rather goes back to being Mai once more. She joined the SRX Team afterwards.