Pilot Name: Ring Mao
Voice Actor: Megumi Ogata
Group: Mao Industries
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Time to Come
Units Piloted: Gespenst R, Gespenst MK-II R, Huckebein 008L, Gespenst S, Gespenst MK-II S, Grungust
Games Appeared: 4, F, F Final, Alpha, Original Generation, Original Generation 2, and Original Generations.

28 years old. She's the second generation president of Mao Industries. She used to be an ace pilot, and she was a Lieutenant. She was part of Ingram's PT team, along with Irm. She worked very well together with Irm.

She's close with Irm, though she doesn't like it when he flirts with other women. Their last big fight was because Irm had tea with one of the female employees at Mao Industries.

She loves cats. Her cooking isn't that good, and she makes meals such as mayonnaise curry.

Young Ring 1
Young Ring 2
Young Ring 3
Ring various poses
Ring various poses 2