Pilot Name: Mihiro Ardygun
Voice Actor: None
Group: Valstork Family
Nickname: Unknown
Theme Song: Unknown
Units Piloted: Valhawk (Sub-Pilot), Valguard, Valzacard
Games Appeared: W.

10 years old. She's the youngest daughter in the Ardygun family, and is known as a "Trailer." Despite her age, she supports her brother Kazuma on the battlefield by serving as a sub-pilot in the Valhawk. She controls the aiming and evasion programs.

After Kazuma's disappearance when Bless sacrificed himself, she took over the main combat controls on the Valhawk. Once Kazuma returned, she went back to being his support. She's 11 years old during the final battle against The Database.

Mihiro head
Mihiro (Age 11)
Mihiro head (Age 11)