Pilot Name: Mio Sasuga
Voice Actor: Mika Kanai
Group: None
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Mio no Jongara
Units Piloted: Diablo, Zamzeed
Games Appeared: 4, Lord of the Elemental, F Final, Alpha, and Alpha Gaiden.

She's a 15 year old high school girl that was transported to the world of La Gias from Japan. Her three sizes are 78, 56, and 82. Her parents died in an airplane accident, which caused her to feel rather lonely. Because of this, she tries to act cheerful in front of everyone. When she loses her temper she becomes incredibly violent, and she's an expert at Aikido.

After Ricardo's death, she takes over as the pilot of Zamzeed. Due to her small body, Masaki had assumed that she was an elementary school student when he first met her.

Mio front and back
Mio head
Mio various expressions 2
Mio various expressions 3
Mio various expressions 4
Mio various expressions 5