Pilot Name: Mitarl Zapad
Voice Actor: None
Group: None
Nickname: None
Theme Song: None
Units Piloted: None
Games Appeared: MX.

He's the man in charge of the Tsentr Project, and he is also the creator of the Terminus Engine, TE Absorber, and Lazumunanium.

He's the one who took Hugo in, and repaired his body, while replacing much of it with cybernetic parts in order to properly pilot the new units. He also supplied him with a dangerous medicine that had some nasty side effects, but he later gave him a new kind with no side effects when he gave Hugo and Aqua their upgraded machine.

He was secretly working with Albero and Erde the whole time, since he was using them to gather data for his project. He ordered them to do combat with Hugo and Aqua frequently, since he felt it was a good way to build up their skills. Erde killed him in an act of betrayl, due to her feeling that he was hindering AI1 from achieving its final evolution.