Pilot Name: Musica Fareden
Voice Actor: Unknown
Group: Northern Bright Army
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Unknown
Units Piloted: Choir Demonic, Choir Evolution
Games Appeared: Real Robot Battle Line.

17 years old. She's a soldier in the Northern Bright Army. She graduated from the military academy, and had no actual combat experience because of it, although she had simulation training, which turned out rather well. She dislikes how the Branch are looked down upon by the others, and oftenly sympathizes with them.

She refers to herself in a more masculine tone, rather than a feminine one. She's a good person, although she's a bit naive, and she always offers help to those that are in need of it. She sometimes makes rash decisions, disregarding her own safety.

She idolizes the legendary ace pilot Char Aznable, and even had her Choir Demonic painted in his custom colors. It's eventually revealed that Musica has 1/4 Branch blood within her, due to her grandfather being the man she idolized, Char Aznable. It's unknown if she sympathizes with the Branch because of her bloodline. She begins to understand the hardships of war after seeing her grandfather fight against her. She vowed to defeat him at any cost because of his actions.

Her father, Lazlo Fareden, is an ace pilot within the army, too. She ends up joining his group, whose goal is to fight for peace between the Branch and Ulsians. She tries to convince Glen to join her, but he is killed by Roche before he could reunite with her.