Pilot Name: Ouka Nagisa
Voice Actor: Michiko Neya
Group: DC Remnants (School)
Nickname: None
Theme Song: Cherry Blossom Illusion
Units Piloted: R-Eins, Rapiecage
Games Appeared: Original Generation 2 and Original Generations.

She is a pilot that is in the DC remnants, and came from the special pilot training organization, School. Her class number is Aurum 1. She has over many of the newest types of technology, and has combat capabilities that are much better compared to the others from School. Because she was the eldest member, Arad, Seolla, and Latun all called her "older sister." Her manners are soft, and cool. During the final battle at the Earth Cradle, she joins the federation's forces and fights along side Arad, Seolla, and Latun. When they confront Aquila, Ouka tries to protect everyone by self destructing her Rapiecage. She tells the others that she'll miss them, but it's okay because with the Game System's effects on her, she wouldn't be normal for much longer anyway.

Ouka various poses