Pilot Name: Raul Gureden
Voice Actor: Gou Inoue
Group: None
Nickname: None
Units Piloted: Excellence Striker, Excellence Flyer, Excellence Cosmo-Driver
Games Appeared: R, Original Generations, and Original Generation Gaiden.

He's the test pilot for the Excellence. His father, Fel, was the researcher, and developer of the Time Flow Engine. He spent several years training to become a test pilot for the Excellence, along with his twin sister, Fiona. In order to continue development on the Excellence, they needed funding from the army. He's 18 years old, and is a responsible person.

He comes from the Shadow Mirror's world, and has met with Helios Olympus before. After Fiona is attacked by Axel, the Time Flow Engines from both of the Excellence units go out of control, causing her to disappear, along with her brother and friends.

Raul, Raji, and Mizuho remained together, but there were no signs of Fiona. Raul ended up joining with the Hiryuu Kai in the new world as Guilliam's acquaintance in hopes of finding Fiona. After the coinflict with the Inspectors and the Einst, he joins the Kurogane, along with Raji and Mizuho.

Raul various expressions 1
Raul various expressions 2